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Microionic Systems LLC

Microionic Systems LLC (MiST) is a University of Wisconsin System technology start-up (see WiSys Technology Foundation), founded, in 2012, by Dr. Annamalai Karthikeyan Ph.D., to manufacture tailored nanomaterials (such as Activated Carbon) and novel device architectures for electrochemical storage (such as Hybrid Li-ion capacitors, LIC). 

Their Business includes:

  • Carbon and Activated Carbon Manufacturing using their patented technology

  • Hybrid Lithium Ion Capacitor Development using their patented technology

  • Membrane Filtration

Mentors from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, have provided us with the guidance and support in the form of guidance, and advice. The University also hosts competitions and grants, which we have partaken in.


Though the University itself doesn't directly support Phoenix-Aid, we have been fortunate to find  willing  faculty  in the  University in  both the School of Engineering, and the Social Entrepreneurship department. We also work with Works in Progress, an organization in the School of Engineering that connects us with various grants and expert advisors. 


MiST provides us exclusive pricing for materials we use in Phoenix-Aid. They also provide us with expertise and lab resources to conduct testing of our product. 

The University of Virginia

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