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We designed Phoenix-Aid to be comprehensive, durable and cost-effective. We are currently testing and optimizing our most recent prototypes. Below are the features of our innovative dressing.


In order to heal properly, a wound needs to be properly oxygenated. Phoenix-Aid is designed to have high breathability, and allows air to flow seamlessly between the wound and external environment.

Moist Environment

The wound needs a moist and oxygenated healing environment to facilitate fast cell regrowth. We designed Phoenix-Aid to retain moisture at the wound site to accelerate healing.

Exudate Control

To accelerate wound healing, dead tissue and exudate (blood and plasma) also needs to be absorbed. Phoenix-Aid is designed to safely trap and hold fluids over a long period of time.


Since chronic wounds are long lasting by nature, we designed Phoenix-Aid to be long lasting as well. We use durable materials, and reliable adhesives to maintain bandage integrity throughout the day.

Pathogen Prevention

Phoenix-Aid is designed to prevent infections, and infection spread. The dressing traps inert pathogens (mold spores, fungal spores, and pollen) and kills active pathogens (viruses and bacteria).


Phoenix-Aid's primary concern is patient safety. Our active components are separated by impassable barriers that prevent direct contact with the skin. This keeps the wound sterile and free of chemical toxins.

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