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i.Lab Update #1

We are officially done with our first full week of our work with the i.Lab this summer! The building itself is an adventure, complete with unique architecture and art, and even our own hipster cafe. It is nestled in between the Darden School of Business and the Law School. There are several other startups, each at their own stage of development, and already there is an atmosphere of camaraderie as we work alongside each other.

Ashwin and Paco spent the first few days hammering out a schedule for these next few months - we are preparing for more grant applications, lab tests, and even a trip to India (more on that another time).

This week's workshops focused on the various forms of "Asks" which are an essential element to any entrepreneur, as well as a special guest visit from a representative from the United States Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO).

Next week will bring more progress and more ideas. Stay tuned for updates! See you next week.

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