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i.Lab Update #4

I take back anything I said about last week being hot - this week truly takes the cake. The daily high is fast approaching the 100 degree mark, and I feel that I will turn into a melted popsicle by that point.

The i.Lab scheduled two fantastic workshops for all of the ventures this week: Pitching from the Stakeholder's Perspective and Scaling Your Sales. The first workshop was pioneered by the wonderful June West, a professor at Darden famous for her insight on building proper communications between businesses, stakeholders, and co-workers. The second workshop was led by Erik Udstuen, nicknamed a "serial entrepreneur" for his many successful ventures with various software startups.

The workshops are my favorite part about participating in the Darden i.Lab. I'm pretty sure that I write more notes down compared to the other participants, but that speaks more to how I am completely new to the world of business and entrepreneurship and need to learn everything from scratch. During these workshops, I am absolutely fascinated by our speakers and their vast wisdom.

"Perception is reality." -June West

Through these workshops, I have plenty of answers to what being an entrepreneur means, but even more questions on how to be a great one. Simple questions such as, "So, what do you do?" have become infinitely more complicated and important in my work.

As I ride this lovely air- conditioned bus home, my mind is buzzing with ideas about how I can help my teammates bring out their best potential so that the team succeeds as a whole. I know that there are several things that I cannot control about a company, such as the up-and-down patterns of sales, but I am fully aware that there is plenty that can be done as individuals to ensure that the future is bright for InMEDBio.

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