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i.Lab Update #2

Hello everyone! Welcome to the next edition of i.Lab Updates!

Things have been significantly hectic as we continue to work on developing Phoenix-Aid. This week was especially eventful, filled with i.Lab workshops, data collection, and the endless grind that is grant work.

I had the pleasure of attending a branding workshop hosted by two phenomenal mentors, James Bell and Lyons Brown. Mr. Bell spoke with entrepreneurial eloquence and Mr. Brown took over the room with his intense energy and stories. Our team was inspired by their experiences and wisdom. This was definitely my favorite workshop of the summer (so far).

Fortune fell in our lap as we had the opportunity to bring on Alyssa Burton, a UVA nano-medicine engineering student. It feels like our working efficiency has doubled with her assisting us in our lab in Thornton Hall, which is greatly appreciated since we have an enormous amount of product testing to do. With Alyssa's help, I'm confident that we'll get through this work much faster!

Last but not least, the i.Lab just posted a story about our company and its founder, Ashwinraj Karthikeyan. Here is the link to the article, which was so kindly written by Sarah Grothaus.

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