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i.Lab Update #3

Hello, and welcome back to another i.Lab Update!

Things have continued to heat up this summer, as we have been hard at work on designing new lab protocols. A day at work in Thornton Hall, where our wet lab is, is both busy and exciting. Music is always playing throughout our lab space to keep the positive atmosphere alive and well - I've been playing lots of reggaeton lately to match the summer weather. Alyssa and Ashwinraj don't seem to mind.

I recently sat down and wrote a letter to a local boy's academy in India explaining who we were as InMEDBio LLC and also as social entrepreneurs. Taking the time to reflect on the team's experiences so far has reminded me of what an incredible journey this has been, and I am extremely happy to be contributing to hopefully a brighter future with Phoenix Aid's progressing development. You never know what might happen when you chase a passion, hence I attached a picture of the banner that hangs over our workspace at the i.Lab.

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